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Name:    Paralabidochromis sauvagei  Mwanza Gulf    (Pfeffer, 1896)

Synonym:    Haplochromis sp. "rock kribensis"

Common name:    Rock Krib   or   Half Crimson

Location:    Lake Victoria (Mwanza Gulf, Tanzania)

Adult size:    Male and Female: 4 inches (11 cm)

Diet:    insectivore

There are many different color morphs of the rock kribensis throughout Lake Victoria.  


Personal notes:  As you can see, in this color variant, the female is pure yellow/black with no red at all.  This is one of the few Victorians in which the female is NOT a bland silver or grey fish.  I believe that this cichlid was previously described as species #22.  According to Ole Seehausen's book it looks like it comes from around Python Island or Mwanza Gulf on the shore of Tanzania in southern Lake Victoria.  This variety of rock kribensis is fairly common in the hobby.  It is much different looking from the very rare blue colored rock kribs I had from the shores of Uganda.  There are other rock kribensis that have less red and more of a greenish-yellow color.  I purchased two males and six females in 2002. I am no longer keeping this species.

There is a local store that has this particular color variety of rock kribensis available occasionally.  They breed easily and often and are realatively inexpensive.