Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix

Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix

  • $112.99

* Revolutionary new synthetic sea salt for marine reef aquariums
* Contains bioactive substances to support aquarium water quality
* Works with protein skimmers to rid dissolved aquarium waste

Tropic MarinRevolutionary synthetic sea salt boosts functionality with bioactive substances. Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix takes an innovative approach for extraordinary results. Developed with special attention to waste breakdown and active control of water chemistry, Bio-Actif Salt Mix forms the foundation for marine aquarium success. Contains bioactive substances naturally in the sea to protect and promote growth of marine fish and corals. Bio-Actif Salt Mix works in conjunction with your protein skimmer to effectively export a greater amount of dissolved waste materials.

Bio-Actif Salt Mix fosters breakdown of pollutants to improve water clarity after every water change. Regular use maintains optimal water conditions, helps form effective protection of mucous membranes in fish and helps corals display brighter colors and better growth. Maintain biological balance and optimal water chemistry in new or existing saltwater marine aquariums. Ideal for establishing microorganism growth in new aquariums. Maintain optimum water quality by changing up to 15% of the water on a weekly basis. For marine and reef aquariums.

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